SMB Validation

Why should I consider SMB for my next qualification project?

We have more experience… We qualify equipment everyday, we do this worldwide, in every regulatory environment that you can image and we are willing to bet that any one of our staff has validated more equipment in the last twelve months than most people will validate in ten years….

We can do it faster… Knowledge, experience and organization leads to reduced overall project time, reduced project cost and allows you to get your equipment service and generating revenue sooner.

We will make your project a success… Our business model differs significantly from that of typical validation resource companies… Rather than encouraging “scope creep”, accumulating billable hours and charging by the inch for paperwork, SMB take the schedule seriously and manage the project so as to complete it at the expected time and on budget.

We are the most cost effective option… Obviously, that’s an easy thing for us to claim but don’t just listen to us, put us to the test…

Use this information and ask us to provide you with a detailed quotation, schedule and project cost estimate and then:

We think that you will be surprised you how much you could have done with your budget.