SMB Validation

Does outsourcing of a computer make a system an open system? Additionally would the external access of an external vendor for maintenance work (e.g. using a modem) to a computer system make that an open system?

According to the Rule, the definition of closed system is "an environment in which system access is controlled by persons who are responsible for the content of electronic records that are on the system.'' The agency agrees that the most important factor in classifying a system as closed or open is whether the persons responsible for the content of the electronic records control access to the system containing those records. A system is closed if persons responsible for the content of the records control access. If those persons do not control such access, then the system is open because the records may be read, modified, or compromised by others to the possible detriment of the persons responsible for record content. Hence, those responsible for the records would need to take appropriate additional measures in an open system to protect those records from being read, modified, destroyed, or otherwise compromised by unauthorized and potentially unknown parties.